About Climb Creators


Climb creators is started by Martijn de Kwaasteniet from the love for climbing and creating new climbing routes. After 15 years of climbing the routes created by others  it was time for me to give something back to the climbing community and I started to bolt climbs myself. With Climb Creators I use my experience and knowledge to help others while doing what I love doing most, creating new climbing possibilities. It is the goal of Climb Creators to bolt new climbs and give more climbers the possibility to practice their favorite sport in a safe way.  

After many climbing trips that have brought me all over the world I have seen many different climbing areas and met many climbers from different countries. It is because of this experience that I know how a climbing area is best developed and what climbers are looking for.

Martijn de Kwaasteniet

Martijn climbing in the Verdon gorge