Developing rockfaces for climbing


Climb Creators is specialized in finding rock faces and making it possible to use them for rock-climbing. We do this by equipping the rock with climbing bolts and top anchors. By taking out any loose pieces of rock that could be dangerous for climbers and bystanders, we create a safe and stable area to climb.

For use with groups:

Climb Creators can make a rock face suitable for the climbing of inexperienced people organized by local outdoor companies. Instructors can efficiently set up a top rope on a rockface for the participants to climb the route safely. When all the participants are done with climbing the route, the instructor changes the top rope to another one. Setting up an abseil also belongs to the possibilities.

For use by independent climbers:

Independent climbers are always looking for new places to climb. Climb Creators know what the climbers want and how to create this. Most climbing areas are developed by strong local climbers who primarily bolted climbs that were interesting for themselves and their friends, resulting in very difficult climbing routes which can only be climbed by the top ten percent of climbers. Because of this , climbers with lower capabilities are left with a smaller number of interesting climbing routes.

Climb Creators specializes in creating climbing areas that are interesting for climbers of all levels. We can add new climbing routes to existing areas or bolt completely new climbing sectors.

Introducing climbing as an activity to a touristic region increases the number of people visiting that region. And after the first climbing routes are bolted often other climbs will be added by local and visiting climbers, making a climbing area grow rapidly. climb Creators worldwide contacts in the climbing community helps the promotion of new climbing areas. It is always attractive for climbers to explore new areas.

Climb Creators can make a so called TOPO guide in the shape of a booklet or website which gives climbers the possibility to find all information about a climbing area and its climbs.

The bolts that protect climbers need to be completely reliable. That is why we only use the best available equipment.  All equipment is both UIAA and EN certified and all routes are created according to the DAV guidelines.

The Greek island of Kalymnos is a good example of how climbing can become a tourist attraction

Other examples are:

Omis in Croatia


Arco in Italy

Orpierre in France

About Climb Creators


Climb creators is started by Martijn de Kwaasteniet from the love for climbing and creating new climbing routes. After 15 years of climbing the routes created by others  it was time for me to give something back to the climbing community and I started to bolt climbs myself. More ...